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L'hébergement du 22 au 29 décembre 2018 
L'hébergement du 29 décembre au 5 janvier 2018 

Surf/Yoga dream trip to Morocco

22-29 Dec 2018

29 Dec 2018 - 05 Jan 2019

All inclusive pack for surfer : 650 € / week

All inclusive pack for travel companion : 380€ / week

(Plane tickets are not included)


Join us and come to surf the beautiful waves of Morocco !

We will go surfing on the best surf spots, and they are numerous, according to the forecasts and your surf level.

As Herbert will be assisted by a local surf teacher, either beginners

and advanced surfers are welcomed to join the travel. We allways

choose a beach or point that suits you and split the group if needed.


The yoga sessions will be conducted by Herbert or Corinne according to

your skills and it will help a lot to withstand the load of surfing !


Here are a few photos of the accomodations and some famous waves we might drive to...

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